Starting a reception Desk.

I just recently started building a reception desk for Pathway Church.

A good friend of mine Philip Herndon is their worship/young adult pastor, he wanted me to design a reception desk for their welcome center. He gave me complete freedom to do what I thought would look good, so this is what I have so far, I have another few days before it's done, I have a first coat of Arm-R-Seal on the 1.5'' walnut slab with live edges and the bottom part is still being built.

These are a few pictures of the main top piece that I will be using, I also put a hickory butterfly key joint at one end of the slab where the wood was starting to split, the butterfly key joint will prevent the splitting to progress. Other than adding strength, the butterfly is also something that looks great when you use a wood that contrasts the main lumber you are working on.

Thank you to Philip Herndon for the opportunity to build them a unique piece that I am proud of.


Thank you for reading.


Sorry for the lame quality and poor lighting and all that with the pictures. I don't know how to do that.